How Much Do You Know About Inflatable Hot Tubs?

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Below are three questions that will give you an insight into Inflatable hot tubs. The question is how much do you already know about these luxury items and do you want one in your possession?

Q1. True or False?

An inflatable hot tub has less health benefits than a permanent model.

The answer is of course TRUE! All models of spas, whether permanent or not, offer health benefits to the user through hydrotherapy. Warm water soothes the body whilst jets massage the stresses of life away when you get into your tub after a hard days work. Your bodies muscles relax and the water gives you that feeling of weightlessness, taking pressure off the joints and easing your stiffness that has built up throughout the day.

Q2. True or False?

An inflatable model costs the same as a permanent fixture.

That is very definitely FALSE. A soft spa can be almost a quarter cheaper than a hard sided, permanent spa. The cheapest seem to start at only $550 and can go up to a couple of thousand dollars if you get a large model with all the added extras. This price difference is massive and is the difference to being able to afford this luxury item on one payday rather than a cost spread over many paydays and accumulated savings.

Q3. True or False?

An automatic air pump is a must when purchasing an inflatable hot tub.

This is an astounding TRUE. Without an automatic air pump, the inflatable hot tub is no longer a relaxing luxury item. Imagine, after a hard days work you get home and fancy sharing a hot tub with the love of your life but it is packed away in the garage since its last use. Getting home and having to manually inflate it would be too much effort and not relaxing at all. The automatic pump would change this and mean your soft sided spa would be fully inflated within 20 mins of getting home and turning on the power to the pump, giving you enough time to give your wife a kiss and change into your speedos.

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